The Maryborough Spa Sustainability

Sustainability Spa Cork

Embrace Sustainable Serenity at The Spa

At The Maryborough Spa Cork city, we're deeply committed to sustainability, ensuring your wellness journey aligns with eco-conscious values. 
Here are some key considerations that set us apart:

From the Very Beginning
One of the primary reasons we choose ESPA as our Spa product and practice partners is their unwavering commitment to luxury and sustainability. ESPA's products provide a truly luxurious and indulgent spa experience for our guests, ensuring their wellness journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Simultaneously, ESPA's dedication to sustainable practices aligns perfectly with our values, allowing us to offer an eco-conscious and environmentally responsible spa experience that prioritises the well-being of both our guests and the planet.

🔌Energy Efficiency
   - We prioritise energy efficiency with LED lighting and energy-saving equipment. Lights, hot cabbies, electric blankets, and more are conscientiously turned off when not in use, even during lunch breaks.

🌱 Natural and Sustainable Products
   - We pamper you with spa products that are not only luxurious but eco-friendly too. Our offerings include organic and sustainably sourced products, thoughtfully curated for your well-being.
   - We're passionate about the environment. That's why our spa products are packaged in eco-friendly materials, reducing our ecological footprint.
 ESPA Products: Leading the Way in Sustainability
   Excluded Ingredients:
- We avoid mineral oil as it's derived from petroleum and non-renewable. Instead, we embrace natural, plant-based alternatives like jojoba.
- Sustainability is at the core of our packaging philosophy. We follow the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle.
- Our cartons are perfectly sized to minimise packaging and are fully recyclable, crafted from FSC-certified cardboard.
- We opt for glass packaging because it's 100% recyclable and endlessly reusable without any loss in quality.
- Our stone effect caps are recyclable and contain 5% PCR (Post Consumer Resin) inclusion in the plastic material.
- When it comes to plastic bottles, we use the minimum necessary, ensuring they're recyclable and contain PCR inclusion in the material.
- We've increased the use of larger pack sizes and easy refilling for professional products to minimize packaging.

- To make eco-conscious choices easier for our clients, we've introduced four independent certifications: Vegan Society, Vegetarian Society, FSC, and COSMOS Natural.
- These certifications help you quickly identify products that align with your values, such as clean beauty and vegan options.
- Trust that ESPA is unwavering in its commitment to integrity, quality, and sustainability.

Join us at The Spa for a wellness experience that not only rejuvenates your body and spirit but also uplifts our planet.