glass curtain

The Glass Curtain

The Glass Curtain is located in the Old Thompsons Bakery in the City which was once a culinary institution and part of Cork’s DNA since 1826. In fact, the iconic bakery was so popular that it produced a mile of its trademark swissroll every day (in the building’s dedicated swissroll factory) for the people of Munster. 

The Glass Curtains love of flavour and top-class ingredients is shared by the champion farmers, growers, butchers, cheesemakers, fishmongers, brewers and distillers of Cork (and beyond). Respect to them all – they inspired us in the creation of this menu. Their dedication to organic, nutritious, sustainable and seasonal produce has allowed them to create a menu that they are proud of. 

+353 21 451 8659

The Glass Curtain, 
Unit A, Thompson House, 
MacCurtain Street, Cork

General Opening Hours
Tuesday to Saturday, 5pm until close