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Welnamis Treatment

Welnamis Spa Wave Treatment

From €70  Per Treatment

Welnamis Spa Wave Treatment

Experience Extraordinary Wellness with Welnamis in Cork

At The Maryborough Spa, we proudly introduce the touchless one-of-a-kind Welnamis treatment, derived from the term "waves of wellness." This groundbreaking experience offers an extraordinary mindfulness and power napping session that redefines relaxation.

Treatment Details:

Duration: 25 minutes (No therapist required)
How it Works:

Welnamis employs Binaural Vibroacoustic technology to entrain your brainwaves. Specially crafted music emits two separate frequencies, inducing a specific brainwave reaction that leads to deep relaxation, mental rejuvenation, and profound serenity.

Key Benefits Include:

- Improvement in sleep quality and quantity
- Reduction in stress levels and mood swings
- Assistance in managing anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD
- Promotion of deep relaxation
- Enhancement of mental fitness and clarity
- Rebalancing of the autonomic nervous system
- Anti-inflammatory effects for overall well-being

Pricing Options:

- Single session: €70
- Course of 5 sessions: €300 (Save €50)

Experience Enhanced Relaxation:

Immerse yourself in tranquility and experience the unique power of Welnamis. Each session offers 25 minutes of unparalleled relaxation through brainwave entrainment, followed by 1 hour of thermal suite access and an additional hour in our relaxation suites post-treatment.

*Please note: This treatment is not suitable during pregnancy.*

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