Golden Quartz Treatment

Golden Quartz Treatment

Golden Quartz Treatment

From €150  Per Treatment

Golden Quartz Treatment

Experience Relaxation with our Warm Healing Crystal Massage

At The Maryborough Spa, immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience with our latest and most indulgent offering: the Warm Healing Quartz Massage. Let yourself drift away to a realm of tranquility as the treatment blends specialised massage techniques with the soothing resonance of singing bowls and the warmth of healing quartz crystals.

Treatment Details:

Duration: 50 minutes

How it Works:

The Warm Healing Quartz Massage envelops you in a haven of relaxation, employing several massage techniques.

- Manual Massage: Incorporating diverse massage styles while being cocooned in quartz crystals
- Dynamic Flow: Focused massage for the back and neck areas
- Inversion Gravity: A stretch technique promoting spinal health and alleviating back pain
- Singing Bowls Sound Healing: Sound therapy to enhance relaxation and well-being

Key Benefits Include:

- Alleviation of inflammation and joint pain (e.g., rheumatism)
- Deep relaxation, relieving headaches and stress
- Aids in relieving digestive disorders
- Improvement in general well-being

Pricing Options:

- Monday-Friday: €150
- Saturday-Sunday: €160

Experience Blissful Comfort:

Each session includes a pre-treatment relaxation period of 1 hour in our thermal suites, allowing you to unwind, and an additional post-treatment hour in our relaxation suites, extending the tranquility long after your massage concludes.

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Indulge in the blissful warmth and relaxation of the Warm Healing Quartz Massage at The Maryborough Spa. Reserve your treatment now and embark on a journey of unparalleled tranquility and rejuvenation.

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