At maryborough hotel


Maryborough Hotel is situated in an oasis of calm & tranquillity, nestled in 18 acres of 300 year old gardens & woodland in the leafy suburbs of Cork. Protecting this amazing landmark landscape and environment is extremely important to the Maryborough Team.

We want a greener, cleaner world and our sustainable approach has changed the way we use resources. In line with this we continually strive to improve our environment practices in a range of areas including energy, single use plastic and water usage. We’ll keep our impact on the environment to a minimum so that future generations can enjoy the natural resources of our beautiful planet.


We recognise that our business has an important role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations and to help secure the long-term sustainability of the Tourism Industry 

The following are actions already taken or being taken by us and we continue to work to minimise our footprint on the environment.

·         Single use plastic is actively being eliminated from our hotel. In the last 12 months we have found replacements for the following items of single-use plastic

·         Miniature toiletry bottles have been replaced with larger luxury refillable dispensers. Take away coffee cups and lids are now compostable

·         Plastic drinking straws have been removed and cocktail stirrers are now made of metal and reusable

·         Plastic water bottles are now glass and we have a chilled, filtered water station at our front door for our guest use

·         Our electricity supplier is certified as supplying 43% Green energy and in addition to this we co-generate on site approx. 35% of all our electrical requirements. This is achieved by means of our high efficiency combined heat and power plant. When running for the assessed 5200 hours, the CHP unit displaces 343 tons of carbon dioxide from escaping into the atmosphere each year compared to conventional heat and power generation. The CHP unit also provides 186 kW of  thermal output for our hot water requirements at a much higher efficiency than conventional boilers

·         We have an electric car charging point for our guest use

·         We have a policy of replacing all our lighting with the most up to date energy efficient technology available thus reducing our carbon footprint

·         Cardboard packaging, glass, cans, used light bulbs and batteries are all returned to suppliers or collected for recycling. We are committed to further reducing waste to landfill

·         Paper usage within the hotel is continually monitored in our efforts to reduce and reuse.

·         We are proud members of Repak which is a not-for-profit packaging recycling scheme funded by contributors from over 3,000 member companies nationwide.

·         As much as possible our culinary team source our food from local producers thereby reducing food miles (the distance that food must travel to get from farm to fork). Products such as meat, fresh fish, smoked fish, salads, eggs and cheeses are mostly from the locality.  We also endeavour to purchase and support small artisan producers.

We are certified members of the Green Hospitality Programme.