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i-Dome Triple Detox Treatment

From €80  Per Treatment

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Your Gateway to Total Wellness

Experience the Future of Wellness in Just 45 Minutes

At The Maryborough Spa, we proudly introduce the revolutionary iDome treatment, a scientifically proven, cutting-edge triple-action detox regimen. This 45-minute session requires no therapist, utilising advanced wellness technologies for a complete mind and body rejuvenation.

Triple-Action Technology:

Far Infrared Rays: Gradually elevate body temperature, aiding detoxification, boosting metabolism, and alleviating inflammation and soreness.

Plasma: Promotes stress relief and energy enhancement, revitalizing your spirit for a more balanced lifestyle.

LED Light: Rejuvenates skin while facilitating detoxification, offering a fresh and radiant complexion.

Key Benefits Include:

Reduction in muscle inflammation and fatigue
Lowering of stress levels and anxiety
Decrease in blood pressure
Enhanced physical and mental fitness
Reinforcement of immune defenses and overall well-being
Efficient body detoxification induction
Stimulation of metabolism
Improvement in skin hydration

Pricing Options:

Single session: €80
Course of 5 sessions: €350 (Save €50). Course of 10 sessions: €600 (Save €200)

Invest in Your Wellness Today.

Take the step toward a healthier, rejuvenated you with our iDome treatment. Embrace the future of wellness and embark on a transformative journey towards vitality and balance. Book your session now to experience the ultimate in relaxation and well-being!

Please note: The Maryborough Spa recommends consultation before commencing iDome treatments to ensure the best experience for your unique wellness needs.

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