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Ireland's Ancient East

Start you Ireland's Ancient East tour of discovery form the Maryborough Hotel.

Plunge into Cork and witness our county's transformation over a lifetime flooded with a constant current of visitors, emigrants and adventurers. From forts to family history, prisoners and passenger ships, a tour of this maritime gateway brings you on a voyage through history, culture, romance, intrigue – and some of the best food on the island. Just be prepared: you'll leave with a bit of the sea in your soul.

5,000 years of history lie buried within the verdant meadows, bustling towns and rugged stone monuments of Ireland's Ancient East. Each landmark has its stories to tell, as indeed do the locals, who delight in telling tales that are rich in famous battles and magic rituals.

Learn the stories of a place and you'll come to understand the soul of its people. From ancient high kings to modern day poets, saints and scholars to ramblers and fishermen, Ireland's Ancient East pulsates with legendary tales. With the maps as your guide and the itineraries as your inspiration, you're about to prepare for a real life journey through this mystical place.

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