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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Weight loss Journey at The Maryborough

I have recently began working with The Maryborough Club as I want to lose weight. I will be doing classes, gym sessions and one personal training session per week.

I have been struggling with my weight for years now and have spent years obsessing over food and dieting. I find it very hard to control how I eat, and I am an all or nothing person.

I think a lot of people can relate with lack of time. I never eat breakfast because I don’t give myself the time in the morning to prepare it (because I don’t get enough sleep so I am totally wrecked, so I don’t get up until the last minute), then I haven’t prepared lunch (because who has time to cook lunch and dinners for an entire week) and this cycle just goes on and on.

I work on an all or nothing attitude,  I am either all in, eating well, drinking water and exercising which to me is ‘being on a diet’. When I am ‘off’, I eat everything in sight, telling myself ‘I’ll start again tomorrow’. This is how my brain works, I am either on a diet or not, I don’t look at it as just eating a healthy balanced lifestyle, which I know is terrible.

Maybe you are like me, and are interested in following my journey, or maybe even joining me on it. So far, I have had a gym program made for me, which I will try to do once or twice a week. I will do one high intensity personal training session a week and I will do one or two classes, depending on the week. I love exercising, I can often get a little demotivated when it comes to working out, this is where I hope classes will come in. It can be hard to push yourself in the gym, but at least with a class, the instructor is pushing you and you have locked yourself away for that time to work out. I love personal training, my first session with Nicola was fantastic. It was 30 minutes non stop that incorporated all of my muscles.

With regards my diet, the leisure club don’t necessarily give out ‘diet plans’ rather they give advice on lifestyle changes. Having sat down with Brian, the leisure club manager, I am currently focusing on making a routine out of exercise, it’s a part of life to support good health rather than it being for weight loss. I am also trying to eat breakfast (which I hate). I don’t give myself any time to cook or sit down at home and enjoy breakfast, so this week to keep it simple I have made some homemade nut and seed granola, homemade chia jam and natural yogurt, that I enjoy when I get to work.

I am trying to make small changes with the aim of long term success and I am excited to watch my body change and get stronger. 

I will share some of my workouts weekly and hopefully some of you will get to take something away from it .