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Sunday, 03 March 2019

Training programs with the leisure club

I have been training with the team at the club since before Christmas. I wasn’t taking myself too seriously, my weight was going down slowly and I was training as much as I could. Sinead was helping me as I trained for half triathlon, providing me with tough programs, making me push myself. 

Sinead and the team were watching me closely, making sure I was training, checking in and asking me how I was getting on with everything. I was happily training before Christmas, getting in my walk/runs (by Christmas Day I was back running my 5km without walking), I was really enjoying the cycling and I was finally getting some technique when it came to swimming.

Christmas came and went, and I got a little bit lazy. Eating out and drinking almost every day wasn't helping and then came January. I decided the only thing I wanted to completely quit in 2019 was smoking, so that I could happily move on with my training. Although I am not a heavy smoker, I still smoked and I am determined not smoke a single cigarette this year. With quitting smoking, and after a very busy run up to Christmas in work, January proved to be a big come down for me and with that I got sick, not once but twice, so I found training impossible, and I was totally unmotivated.

The weeks were whizzing by, I wasn’t training properly and yet Sinead was working hard to create programs for me checking in on me and encouraging me. Around three weeks ago, I realised that I was only fooling myself thinking I would be able to do a half triathlon this summer. I was no longer putting in the amount of training needed to do this distance in a race. Sinead knew this, and it wasn’t until I spoke honestly about how I wasn’t training and I had lost all motivation, that she gave me the ultimate pep talk.

She gave me a little tough love and from there we agreed that my new goal would be an Olympic distance Triathlon on May 26th in Galway. This means a 1500 metre swim, 40km bike, 10km run. Suddenly I was motivated. Training no longer feels like such a task. With my original program I was going from almost zero to training with long cardio sessions per week. With my new program I am have 5 nice training sessions per week, which also means I can fit in some strength training too (which I love). I can start going to classes in the club again and meeting like members.

I always thought that going to the gym only works for ‘normal people’ like me when you attend personal training sessions and classes. However, since starting this program with Sinead, I have realised that its not about that at all. Its about approaching the team, telling them your goals and giving them something you want to aim for, and with a heart and a half the team will give you all of the advice, help and no doubt create a program around that for you.

From Sunday, I have 11 weeks until the race (and have yet to sign up). Sitting here writing this post and sharing it with all of you is hopefully gonna give me the last push need to hit the ‘sign up’ button on my race. My hesitation is due to my small fear of swimming in the open water so soon. I am mentally preparing myself for this, and hoping I am a strong enough swimmer to do this. I am happy to update this blog weekly for those that might be interested in following my journey over the next 11 weeks, just let the team know.