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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Top Benefits To Having A Midweek Wedding

In these uncertain times, you may find yourself having to unfortunately rearrange your wedding. You may find that you are having trouble trying to find availability at your venue on weekend dates at such short notice. Don't panic just yet! We have put together a list of benefits to having your wedding midweek. Check them out below!

1. Midweek rates are lower than weekend rates
The venue for your wedding is usually the biggest cost overall but if you consider a midweek wedding you could potentially make some big cost savings. Most venues including ourselves here at The Maryborough offer discounted rates for midweek weddings. The difference in cost for our packages is €10 less per person for midweek weddings compared to weekend weddings. You can browse our different packages and rates HERE.

2. Increased availability of suppliers
It can be disappointing when you have a particular supplier in mind for your flowers, cake or others and to find that they are not available for your wedding date due to a much higher demand at the weekends. The suppliers you would really love to have for your wedding have a much higher probability of being available for your midweek date. This will mean your big day will be extra special and exactly how you envisioned it - yay!

3. Cost savings for your guests
Not only will the couple themselves save money by opting for a midweek wedding, there is also the opportunity for your guests to save some money. Whether guests decide to stay at your wedding venue or other accommodation nearby, they are guaranteed to get better rates to stay midweek due to there being less demand during this time.

4. A more intimate celebration
Your family and close friends will be perfectly happy to take time off work for your big day. However, those who are not as close to you as a couple such as old colleagues, your parents friends and 'plus ones' who you may have never even met before may be now less likely to attend. This will leave you with a list of your closest loved ones to share a much more intimate celebration with. Also, this will ultimately lead to less numbers meaning more savings - win, win!

So, before you brush aside the thought of a midweek wedding, bare all the above benefits in mind to make your big day even more special!