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Friday, 31 August 2018

Meditation at the Maryborough Hotel Spa, Cork, Ireland

Weekly Guided Meditation at The Maryborough Club

A few months back, we ran a trial with a series of meditation and relaxation classes at the Leisure Club. These weekly guided meditation and relaxation classes at the Maryborough grew in popularity. Numbers increased and a large number of members had to go on the waiting list to get into the class. The decision was made that from Late-September, we would again offer my weekly meditation and relaxation classes in the Maryborough Studio. 
We really love being in the Studio helping everyone unplug and destress. Together we create a peaceful, tranquil healing space. Typically we start with a brief chat (to check in with everyone and see how they faired since our last relaxation & meditation evening). This helps me to understand how the group is doing that night. Then if/when the group members are comfortable sharing, they offer suggestions as to what they would most like to experience or have help with that evening. Some relax in a seated position, others lie flat – whatever feels right or best for them.

The requests and needs of the group are intengrated and then the guided meditation and relaxation is created and recorded. Everyone present receives a downloadable copy sent by email link to them the following day. Listening daily helps relax and augments their daily practice. The recording can be used first thing in the morning, during the day or last thing at night. It’s a great way to take some time out to refocus and reconnect with our inner wisdom.

Meditation & Relaxation
Meditation and relaxation doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. There are many ways to meditate and relax, all it takes is a little time to find the right style for you. My suggestion is to try out different ways with a variety of practitioners. Usually, guided meditations are best suited to newcomers as they give the mind something else to focus on.

Thoughts will still come into the mind, however over time, (and with practice) they diminish. When you pay less attention to them, those random thoughts to just float through your mind like a passing cloud.

For us, meditation is about slowing down, feeling grateful, refocusing and reconnecting with our hearts. With all the noise and demands of the outside world, it’s so easy to become distracted and disconnected from ourselves. Stopping, being mindful and slowing my breathing down all help us to recenter ourselves.

Classes will kick off again in late September, while you can check out other blogs by Michelle on her website