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Thursday, 23 April 2020

Home Workout By Our Health Club Manager Brian

Our Health Club Manager, Brian has put together a home workout video for you all to keep fit at home 💪 Brian goes through each exercise at beginner, intermediate and advanced level below so that everyone can get involved 😊

Always ensure to warm up for 3-5 minutes before starting any of the exercise circuits.  This may consist of walking/marching on the spot using arms and legs to raise the heart rate and get the Heart and Lungs prepared for exercise.  Intermediates and Advanced may jog on the spot, use a stairs to jog up and down or may have access to a home exercise bike or skipping rope.  Always ensure to complete your stretches before and after the Workout.  You should aim to hold the stretches for 8-10 seconds during warm-up and then 12-15 seconds for the cool down.

Very important:  Always stop exercising if you feel faint, dizzy, light headed or if there is any sharp pain experienced.  You should always consult your GP before embarking on a new workout programme.  Always pick a workout that is suitable for your current level of experience and fitness and advance only when you feel confident completing all the exercises with excellent technique.

Scroll down to read how many reps to do for each level before checking out the video!


Squat X 8

Bicep Curl X 8

Lunge with Right leg Forward X 6

Lateral Raise X 8

Lunge with Left Leg Forward X 6

Frontal Raise X 8

Hip Bridge X 10

Abdominal Crunch/Curl X 10


Complete this circuit one exercise after the other.  Choose a weight that is not too heavy and that you can complete all the exercises as indicated with good technique.  Concentrate on the Correct Technique for all the Exercises, especially if you have not done them before.  Slow is always better than Fast.  Attempt this workout every second day for the first week and then complete a second set of the exercises every second day for the next week.



Squat X 10

Frontal Raise X 10

Lunge Right Leg Forward X 8

Lateral Raise X 10

Lunge Left Leg Forward X 8

Bicep Curl X 10

Hip Bridge X 8

Back Extension X 8

Abdominal Crunch/Curl X 10

Plank holding for 5 seconds X 8


Complete this circuit one exercise after the other.  Take a 2 min rest period and then complete another set.  Always use a weight that is suitable for the exercise and a weight that is heavy enough to challenge you on the last few repetitions. Concentrate on excellent technique at all times.  Complete the 2 sets of the workout for every second day on the first week.  If this is challenging enough, complete again for 2 sets every second day of the next week.  If you want to increase the intensity of the Circuit, then consider doing a third set, or simply increase the number of Repetitions of each exercise in the existing 2 sets e.g. instead of doing 10 Squats, increase it to 12 Squats for the 2 Circuits and so on.



Squats X 12

Bicep Curl X 12

Lunge X 10

Frontal Raise X 12

Lateral Raise X 12

Hip Bridge X 10

Back Extension X 10

Abdominal Curl X 12

Plank holding for 5 seconds X 10

Complete this circuit one exercise after another.  Take a 2 minute rest break and then repeat a second time.  Take another 2 minute rest break and complete a third time.  Ensure that you are completing all the exercises with excellent technique and if you find that you are unable to complete with good technique, then stop the exercise.  Take a break and you may be able to complete with good technique.  Never exercise with poor technique as this will lead to injury and incorrect movement patterns.  Complete every second day for the first week and if you feel you need a further challenge, then add Repetitions to the exercises, and still complete the 3 sets.