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Thursday, 07 January 2021

January Skincare Routine

What better time to begin giving the skin what it needs and deserves than the beginning of a New Year! Whether you are a skincare fanatic or just getting started here are a few tips that will suit every person and every skin type……

1. Cleanse face, neck and decollate every morning and night with a suitable cleanser. This is paramount in achieving healthy skin. Please note that even if you do not wear makeup this step is important as dirt, oil and debris will always be present on the skin.

2. Tone face, neck and decollate every morning and night. This will remove any stubborn remnants of makeup and or debris, constrict the pores and instantly brighten the skin.

3. Apply serum to the face and neck. This can be done morning and night however if choosing one choose night-time as the skin will utilise the product more efficiently while you sleep. Serums penetrate the skin quickly and are highly concentrated with ingredients to hydrate, nourish and plump the skin. 

4. Apply eye cream morning and night. The eye area is delicate and needs to be treated accordingly. Dot four small amounts of suitable product around the eye area and massage in circular motions for a few seconds.

5. Moisturise the face, neck and decollate every morning and night with a suitable product. Apply in circular movements always working upwards and avoiding the eye area. Day time moisturisers will contain different ingredients to night-time moisturises so bear this in mind.

Try this routine for the month of January and let us know how you get on!