Christmas at Grand Parade

Christmas at Grand Parade

December at the Maryborough Hotel

Cork in December

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Cork’s December Wonderland

As the spirited charm of November delicately gives way to the enchantment of December, the Cork City and County aura shifts from the cultural crescendos of autumn to the glittering lights and holiday happiness of winter. The city comes alive with the vibrant festivities of the annual Cork Christmas Celebration, offering a tapestry of artisanal wonders, gastronomic delights, and the joyous hum of merry goers. It is a place transformed into a festive wonderland, beckoning all to indulge in the spirit of the season.

Yet, the allure does not stop there. Cork’s wintry setting nevertheless unveils a gleaming gem: the charm of ice skating. The ice rink becomes a canvas for moments of grace, laughter, and shared joy under the crisp December sky. Glide across the ice, surrounded by glittering lights and a festive atmosphere, as you create timeless memories in Cork’s winter wonderland. Prepare to be enchanted by the heartwarming festivities, glistening lights, and the contagious cheer that pervades Cork during this beautiful season and make an unforgettable chapter in your Christmas tale.

Corkmas: Cork Christmas Celebration
The annual Christmas celebration is coming back to grace the town! Embracing its new name, SOLAS, will be taking place on Emmet Place with all-new amazing immersive light experiences in the public plaza. SOLAS, the focal point of Cork's Christmas celebration, will open to the public on Saturday, November 18th (until December 21st), signalling the start of the bustling holiday shopping season. Aside from the SOLAS, there will be the annual 30 metres high ferris wheel and carousel held at the Grand Parade which will be taking place starting from November 24th. 

Marina Market 
As GLOW rebrands to SOLAS, it's saddening that the beloved annual Cork Christmas Market won't return. However, there's good news! The Marina Market has an array of events, including the Christmas Market, running from November 24th to January 7th. Imagine cozying up with loved ones while enjoying classic holiday movies like 'Home Alone' or the charming rom-com 'The Holiday,' savouring delicious food from Marina Market's vendors, and glide across the Marina Market on Ice and crafting new memories through shared joy. The Marina Market stands as one of the top destinations in Cork during the festive season.

Amidst the bustling Christmas happenings throughout Cork City and County, the Maryborough Hotel offers a serene retreat while immersing yourself in the holiday cheer. Maximise your savings by enjoying our 25% OFF Best Available – Bed and Breakfast Rate or plan ahead your visit to Cork, Prepay and Save €20 per night during your stay at the Maryborough Hotel. The essence of Christmas in Cork is synonymous with nostalgia and precious time spent with family or friends, so seize the opportunity to craft lasting memories with your dearest ones!