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The BEnefits of Magnesium & Calcium

The Benefits of Magnesium and calcium

Magnesium helps calcium supplements work much better. It also helps the assimilation of potassium. Magnesium was found effective with the following conditions:

Insomnia or Restless Sleep, Stress Back Pain, Migraine Headaches, High Blood PressureOsteoporosis, Depression, Heart Attack History, Muscle Weakness, Muscle Cramps, Leg Cramps, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, Fatigue…..Muscle Cramps :

The body needs sufficient amounts of calcium and magnesium to support optimal muscular function. Because the body cannot manufacture these two minerals, it must be supplied with them in foods and beverages. An inadequate supply of calcium and magnesium can lead to problems with muscular coordination. Mineral deficiency generally manifests itself as an increased tendency to suffer muscle cramps . The best sources of calcium are milk and dairy products (e.g. yogurt, cultured milk, cheese, etc.). Milk and dairy products are the only sources of calcium that are worthy of mention; if no such foods are eaten, then one should definitely drink calcium-rich mineral water (150 mg of calcium per 100 ml of water) or eat calcium-enriched foods such as breakfast cereals or special energy bars. Some of the newer calcium supplements may also be helpful.The best way to improve one's supply of magnesium is to drink a suitable mineral water that contains at least 50 mg of magnesium per 100 ml of water. Athletes are particularly at risk because increased perspiration causes greater mineral losses, and these losses must be compensated for. Dehydration can also manifest itself as problems with muscular coordination or as cramps, so athletes should drink mineral-rich athletic beverages before and during workouts, especially when the temperatures are high and the stress is intensive.Diabetes : Insulin is the hormone which helps with the regulation of glucose (sugar) metabolism. Magnesium has been found to improve insulin's response to dietary sugar, and improve the action of insulin in regulating blood sugar levels. Magnesium deficiency seems to be extremely common amongst diabetics, which makes it very important for them to supplement.Fibromyalgia : Fibromyalgia is common mostly amongst women. It is characterized by fatigue and muscle pain throughout the body. It is sometimes accompanied by sleep disturbances, headaches and other symptoms. Magnesium is the most important mineral needed by people with fibromyalgia, and coupled with malic acid, it greatly helps in relieving this condition. While most malic acid products come with magnesium, a magnesium drink will often also be necessary for superior and more stable results.Insomnia : This is one of the most common conditions today. Magnesium deficiency can cause insomnia (inability to sleep), or make you wake up with muscle spasms or cramps or feeling tense and uncomfortable. Magnesium can go a long way in relieving this restlessness, and make many of the common sleep problems simply disappear. There are countless records on file attesting to the effectiveness of magnesium in relieving and resolving sleep disorders.Environmental stresses which deplete magnesium reserves & increase the need for dietary magnesium are another reason.So If you experience any of the above symptoms, you know what you have to do…….For more information on the above why not call into the Maryborough Club and meet up with one of our Personal Trainers or call the club directly on 021 4918327021 4918327 to speak to a staff member. Francine Camurati

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