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Tips on Obesity from the Leisure CLub

Eat 3 to 6 small meals each day.

Use fruit, water and diet yoghurts as your snacks between meals.

A healthy breakfast is a great start to the day, so choose from fruit, cereal, bread or yoghurt.

Watch your portion sizes Don't be tempted into choosing large portion sizes.

When eating out, avoid places that serve large portions and places that serve chips or crisps with all meals.

Drink lots of fluid Have at least 8 cups or glasses of fluid each day. Choose from water, tea, sugar-free squash, diet soft drinks, coffee, fruit juice or herbal tea.

Cut down on fat Steer clear of high-fat foods such as biscuits, cakes, takeaways, crisps, chips and fried foods.

Avoid adding oil or fat when cooking and cut fat off meat before cooking. Buy low fat-spread, low-fat milk and diet yoghurts.

Cut down on sugar Cakes, chocolate, ice cream and biscuits are high in fat and sugar. Too often we turn to these when we are tired or busy.

Do not use these foods as treats, rewards or quick fixes. Eat more fruit Have fruit at every meal. It is also a great snack between meals.

Put fresh, frozen or dried fruit (sultanas, apricots, raisins) in cereal and yoghurt.

Increase your intake by putting fruit on your desk at work, having a bag of fruit in your car or at arms reach when you watch television.

Eat more vegetables Have lots of vegetables or salad on your plate. Use fresh or frozen vegetables.

Add extra vegetables or tinned tomatoes to casseroles, stew, curry and pasta dishes. Eat more fibre Use wholegrain, whole-wheat and high fibre breads and cereals - these will fill you up and make you less hungry between your meals.

Get enough calcium Following a healthy diet does not mean cutting out milk - just choose low-fat milk, yoghurts and cheese.

Low-fat milk has the same calcium content as full fat. A regular intake of milk and milk products can help blood pressure levels as well as strengthening bones.

Have oily fish twice a week Salmon, mackerel, herring, trout and sardines are all oily fish.

Use tinned or fresh fish for dinner, in a salad, in a sandwich, on toast or on crackers.

Cut down on salt Take the salt off the table. Only add a small amount of salt when cooking.

Use more pepper, garlic, chilli, curry powder, tomato puree, mustard, lemon juice and other herbs and spices to give meals a good flavor.

Eat freshly prepared food and meals Most food that is processed such as ready meals, savory sauces in jars or cans are high in fat, salt or sugar, so avoid these.

Buy fresh food as much as possible and prepare the meals yourself - it's healthier and cheaper, and will taste better if you add extra flavorings or follow Recipes.

Packaged foods that can be included are breakfast cereals, frozen vegetables and tinned tomatoes.

Cut down on alcohol and Fat Food Alcohol is high in calories - it is important to reduce your intake.

1 Pint of Beer is roughly 300 kcal = 30minutes running on the treadmill at 10.0 km/h 1

Menu Big Mac 1290 kcal (Big Mac 590 Kcal + Fries 255 Kcal + Coke 290 Kcal +   Ice cream 155) 2 hours 15 running at 10 km/h

1 Glass of 20 cl red wine = 180 Kcal   15 Minutes running on a treadmill at 10.0 km/h

Mars bar = 400 Kcal35 Minutes running on a treadmill at 10.0 km/h

A daily intake for active women is between “1600 to 1800Kcal”for men “1700 to 2000 kcal” Samuel…  

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